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Committed to the Highest Standards

Texas Ballet Theater Schools provide a complete training program for recreational dancers as well as those aspiring to be professionals. All classes are offered in a safe and nurturing environment and offer performance opportunities at all levels. The Dallas School offers training for the Royal Academy of Dance examinations, the American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards and annually participates in Youth America Grand Prix.

Showcase Your Talent

​Dancers enrolled in Texas Ballet Theater School have the opportunity to showcase their talent on stage throughout the year, including TBT’s annual production of Ben Stevenson’s The Nutcracker. TBTS students also dance in their School's annual Spring Performance. Other performance opportunities include local civic and cultural events, as well as competition settings for advanced students.

A Wide Range of Dance Styles

As students progress, they have access to training in other genres, such as modern, jazz, contemporary dance and tap, providing a well-rounded education and thorough knowledge of other dance styles.

Join Our Performance Groups

Texas Ballet Theater School performance groups present classical repertoire and original choreography throughout North Texas and at competitive events. Students are invited to audition upon achievement of required skills.

Faculty and Staff

Lyndette Galen, Principal
School Principal Picture

Lyndette Galen received most of her dance training from her mother, Joyce Seaborne, in South Africa. After immigrating to the States in 1981, the two women established their own school in Dallas. In 2006, the school merged with Texas Ballet Theater, with Ms. Galen as principal. Ms. Galen is a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance and has entered students in both the grades and vocational examinations with successful results. She has coached several students for the Youth America Grand Prix regionals and finals in New York, and the Texas Ballet Theater School Ensemble has been in the Top 12 twice at the YAGP finals. Past students have received Broadway contracts with ballet or modern companies, dance scholarships to universities, and many have moved on to a career of teaching dance.

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Lyndette Galen


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Anna Donovan

Principal Ballet Master

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Robin Bangert

Advanced Teacher and Dallas Ensemble Coordinator

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Yvonne Leffel

School Coordinator

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Patty Eddins

School Assistant

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Alexis Leffel

School Assistant

Debra Bale
Kevyn Butler
Diane Byrd
Katharine Doescher
Anna Donovan
Lailah Duke
Shaye Galen
Lauren Hibbard
Alex Karigan-Farrior
Alexis Leffel
Laura Pearson
Rebecca Sigmund
Alfonsina Treneman
Jasmine White-Killins
Audra Wilson
Terry Wolter

Class Placements


Introduce young children to the fundamentals of dance, strengthen muscles, initiate a basic vocabulary and develop a sensitivity to music. Tap also is offered for this age group.


Students are placed in levels determined by age, physical strength and development. The syllabus is built on the Royal Academy of Dance. Students also are encouraged to learn jazz, modern and tap.


Curriculum includes technique, pointe, variation and repertoire classes, as well as jazz and modern. Students in Advanced Levels 2 & 3 may audition for the Texas Ballet Theater School Ensemble.

New Student Placement

New students ages 10 and older are required to attend an audition class for placement into the appropriate class level. Students are placed based on age, technique, physique, personal strength and intangibles such as talent, grace and maturity.

Pointe Work

Girls begin pointe work in Level 5 at the recommendation of the teachers and with final approval of the Principal.

Level Advancement and Promotion

Advancement through Texas Ballet Theater School is based on many factors including a student’s strength, commitment, attendance, maturity, mastery of material and artistic development as assessed by the teacher and Principal. Advancement to the next level may occur  anytime during the semester but generally happens at the end of each school year.

Repeating Levels of Study

Parents and students should not anticipate annual level advancements. Ballet classes do not progress at the same pace as traditional academic grades. It is common for students to repeat levels of study due to the diverse range of the criteria for promotion.

Annual Performance Fee and Costume Deposit

Students who participate in the Spring Performance are required to pay a non-refundable performance fee. This fee covers the cost associated with presenting the Spring Performance, including theater rental, staging, lighting, costumes and other production expenses. The Annual Performance fee is $75 per student. The family rate is $125. Students who choose not to participate in the Spring Performance do not pay the performance fee. ** Note that this fee does not cover the entire cost of costuming. A non-refundable costume deposit fee of $40.00 per costume is required. The final costume price will be determined after the costumes have been ordered, and the balance will be collected at the end of February.

Important Information

Tuition is based on the class level in which the student is enrolled. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. Students are responsible for tuition the entire year. Full tuition is due for students who choose not to participate in the Spring Performances. Students with outstanding account balances are not eligible for re-enrollment until outstanding payments are paid. Students who enroll after the beginning of the regular year may receive a pro-rated tuition rate. There are no credits for classes missed. Reimbursements are not given for classes missed for vacations or school functions. Students are obligated for a full semester’s tuition even if they withdraw before the end of the session. Tuition credits may be applied to the following semester in the event students withdraw from classes due to a prolonged illness or injury verified by a doctor’s written confirmation. Texas Ballet Theater School must be informed in writing if a student decides to discontinue classes.

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New students can inquire about Dallas School dance classes and register by contacting Yvonne Leffel.

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