Ruth Langill

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Ruth Langill trained at the Capitol Ballet Center under the direction of Stuart Carroll and Sharon Newton in her hometown of Sacramento, California. She is returning for her seventh season with TBT. She has attended several summer intensives on scholarship at academies including Pacific Northwest Ballet, State Street Ballet, and Texas Ballet Theater. She has also attended the Art of Ballet course for professional dancers, supported by the William Forsythe foundation in Madrid, Spain. Some of Ms. Langill’s repertoire includes George Balanchine’s Serenade and Rubies,  Alexei Ratmansky’s Seven Sonatas, Avichai Scher’s A full life, Jonathan Watkins‘ Crash, Andre Silva’s 11:11, and many of Ben Stevenson’s story ballets such as Swan Lake, Cinderella,
Dracula, The Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker,
and Cleopatra.

Where are you from?

Sacramento, California


When did you begin dancing?

I took my first ballet class when I was


Why did you begin dancing?

My grandma took me to see The Nutcracker when I was 5. I was in
awe. There wasn’t anything I wanted to do more than to dance.


When did you join Texas Ballet Theater?

2013-14 Season


What is your favorite ballet to see?

Romeo and Juliet


What is your favorite ballet to perform/what is your favorite role you have performed?

Seven Sonatas, it was such a special experience.


What surprised you the most about being a professional dancer?

How much effort it takes to make character roles believable.


What is your most memorable vacation?

Hiking to the top of half dome while camping in Yosemite with my family.


What outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Nature walks, hiking and swimming.


What is your favorite part of a performance?

When you feel a connection with the audience. When you get to draw them into your story.


What’s your least favorite part of getting ready for a performance?