Carolyn Judson

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Judson moved to Texas from California in 2001 to train at Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy. She joined TBT in 2003, making this her 17th season with the company.  During her time here, she has most enjoyed performing in Ghost Dances, choreographed by Christopher Bruce, Three Preludes, Image, and the title roles in Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, and Cleopatra, all of which were choreographed by Ben Stevenson.  Judson has also had opportunities to work with Twyla Tharp and the Queensland Ballet. In her free time, she is a GYROTONIC® instructor, holistic health coach, and is married to company manager, Justin Urso, with whom she has a daughter, Evelyn.


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Where are you from?
Sacramento, California

When did you begin dancing?
I started dancing at 3 years old, stopped for a few years, and then started jazz at 8 years old. I’ve been dancing ever since.

Why did you begin dancing?
My friend in school asked if I would take jazz class with her. Then my jazz teacher suggested I take ballet to help my jazz dancing. I was kind of embarrassed about taking ballet because it wasn’t a cool thing to do at the time, but I gave it a try. Soon after, I got to perform in The Nutcracker and I’ve been hooked ever since.

When did you join Texas Ballet Theater?

What is your favorite ballet to perform/what is your favorite role you have performed?
Juliet in Romeo and Juliet

What surprised you the most about being a professional dancer?
No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been doing it, your work is never done. This is actually a good thing as it keeps us working and improving and doing our best.

What is your favorite movie/TV show?

Movies: Dirty Dancing and Waiting for Guffman

TV show: Friends

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Anything with truffle oil on it and The Bachelor TV show.

What is your favorite local attraction/favorite thing to do in DFW?
I LOVE Central Market!

Who has been most influential to your life of dancing?
Ben Stevenson. We are the luckiest dancers to have Ben as our boss. He is the reason I am a professional dancer and the reason I love my job.

Which member of FRIENDS do you identify with most?
I wish I was like Rachel – easy, breezy and fashion forward. But, I am definitely more like Monica – a bit high strung and a control freak. I’m working on it, though!

What’s your least favorite part of getting ready for a performance?
Warming up! One day someone will invent a warm up pill and I’ll be their best customer!