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Dallas Class Levels & Placement

New Student Placement

New students are required to attend an Audition Class for placement into the appropriate Class Level. Students are placed based on age, technique, physique, personal strength and intangibles such as talent, grace and maturity.


Children’s Division: Creative Ballet 1, 2 - Levels A 1 and A 2

Our Children’s Division classes are a great way to introduce young children to the fundamentals of dance. The classes capture and nurture children’s instinctive joy of movement and freedom of expression, strengthen muscles, introduce a basic vocabulary, and develop their sensitivity to music.  Ballet and tap are offered for this age group.


Student Division: Levels 1 - 6

The Student Division consists of Levels 1 through 6. Classes in this division are carefully graded by age, physical strength and development. The course is built around the ballet syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance, which is an international teaching and examining organization with over 70 years of experience. In the interest of a well-rounded training in dance, and to meet all professional requirements, students are encouraged to learn jazz, modern and tap.


Pre-Professional Division: Pre-Advanced, Advanced 1 - 3

The Pre-Professional Division offers advanced instruction for those students planning a professional dance career. The curriculum includes technique, pointe, variation and repertoire classes, as well as jazz and modern classes. Advanced Levels 2 & 3 are also given the opportunity to audition for the Texas Ballet Theater School Ensemble.


Open Division: Teens and Adults

The Open Program consists of the Teen and Adult classes in ballet, jazz, tap and modern. Various levels of experience are accommodated from beginning through advanced. Classes are designed to enhance each dancer’s experience to the fullest in a stimulating and creative atmosphere.


Pointe Work

Girls begin pointe work in Level 5 at the recommendation of the teachers and with final approval of the Principal. Regardless of level or age, students will only be able to go on pointe if they are able to do so safely without risking injury. The ability to begin pointe work is determined jointly with the professional instructors and the Principal of the Academy and does not happen at a certain age.


Level Advancement and Promotion

Advancement through Texas Ballet Theater School is based on many factors including a student’s strength, commitment, attendance, maturity, mastery of material and artistic development as assessed by the teacher and Principal. A student’s ability to execute the required material is considered above all else, including age. Advancement to the next level may occur at anytime during the semester, but is generally determined at the end of each school year.


Repeating Levels of Study

Parents and students should not anticipate annual level advancements. Ballet classes do not progress at the same pace as traditional academic grades. It is common for students to repeat levels of study. Because the range of the criteria for promotion is so diverse, it may be two or more years before a student is ready for advancement to the next level of study.