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Summer Intensive FAQ

What do I need to bring to the audition?

A headshot, an arabesque photo, $30 audition fee and pointe shoes for ladies, if applicable. A registration form can be downloaded from the Audition Tour webpage or filled out before the audition begins. Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their form.

How do I submit a DVD audition?

Mail an audition DVD with name on the front along with a $35 audition fee, an arabesque photo, and a dance resume for ages 17 and up. Alternately, you may email a link to a video that is uploaded to YouTube along with your DVD application form (see bottom of page) and credit card information to process the fee.
DVD or YouTube Audition Guidelines:
1. Barre Work: One side only, may be in combination. Tendu, dégagé, rond de jambe, fondu, frappé, adagio and grand battements.
2. Center Work: Adagio, pirouettes (en de hors and en de dans), petit allegro (with glissade, assemble, brisé and jeté) and grand allegro.
IN ADDITION: Please include each of the following…
3. Grand allegro across the floor: Include tour jeté and grand jeté.
4. Pointe work for ladies: échappé, passé, pirouettes, relevè in arabesque, pique turns, bourrées across the floor.
5. Gentlemen: Tour en l’air, sissonne, cabriole
6. Optional: Include a classical and/or contemporary solo
*Length should not exceed 15 minutes, although with inclusion of a solo, time may be more. Include an introduction of the students (name, age, date, studio, and hometown) at the beginning.

How is level placement determined for the summer program?

A student’s placement is at the discretion of the Artistic Staff and may take a few days to finalize. It is very important to remember that no matter what level a student is at, they will learn new things with an open mind and a good attitude. Levels are decided based on ability in the ballet class, as determined by the Artistic Staff, and not by age. Because of this, a student may be placed in a level with younger students. Students will stay with their level for the entire day. Students who feel they have been inappropriately placed may ask for a review of their placement by the Artistic Staff after the first week of classes. All discussions regarding placement must be between the student and Artistic Staff, and not the parents and Artistic Staff, Administrative Staff or chaperones.

How large are the classes during the summer?

Classes are approximately 25-30 students per level.

Are there classes on Saturdays?

There are classes on Saturdays but they are limited to half of a day. This includes a technique class and one other class. July 4th, 2015 will not have classes.

Is there a performance at the end of the program?

Yes, if you choose to attend the full 5 week session there is a showcase on the evening of Friday, July 25th in the Dance building. All 5-week students will be eligible to participate in the performance in ballet repertoire and/or variations in addition to modern, jazz, and/or Broadway choreography. Parents and friends are invited to watch the performance in Erma Lowe Hall’s Studio Theater. For students in the 3-week session there is no showcase but family and friends are invited to observe classes on the last day, Saturday July 12th.

Is there a year round program?

TBTS does have an after school year round program for local students as well as a daytime Professional Division for advanced students. Students should inform the principal or administrator of their intention so as not to take an audition class later. We generally advise students 16 and younger not to move to Fort Worth unless a family member is relocating with them. Students must make their own arrangements for housing, transportation and completion of high school courses, though our Staff can make recommendations. Trainee and Apprentice positions with the Company are invitation only by the Artistic Staff and they will be notified sometime during the Summer Intensive.

Can I get a job with TBT?

Jobs with the company are by invitation only. The Artistic Staff chooses approximately 4-8 people from the Summer Intensive for a trainee or apprentice position with the company depending on what is available.

What is the Dance Building like?

Built in 1921 and renovated in 2011, the Dance building, renamed Erma Lowe Hall is centrally located on the TCU campus. The building has high ceilings and lots of natural light with three large studios and ample space for the dancers to relax in between classes. One of the studios is able to transform into a mini-theater complete with curtains, lighting and seating.

What if I get injured and have to leave the program, will I get my money back?

There are no refunds for the program. It is highly suggested that travel insurance is purchased in case this were to happen.

Where are resident students housed?

Residents are housed on the campus of Texas Christian University at Clark Hall, immediately adjacent to the Dance building.

Can I request a roommate?

We will consider requests, but cannot guarantee that any or all requests will be honored.

What do resident students bring?

After sending in your summer registration and deposit you will receive a very detailed handbook that has all of the items resident students should bring to the summer program. This is sent out in an email in April.

Can I leave the dorm/studio alone?

Resident students are not permitted to leave TCU campus without permission from the Head Chaperone. Students ages 12-14 are permitted to leave campus with a chaperone if the student’s parent has signed the Off-Campus Waiver. Students ages 15 and up are permitted to leave campus with at least one other person their age or older and if the student’s parent has signed the Off-Campus Waiver. The Residential Staff will designate certain hours per day where students can leave campus if they choose. The student will only be allowed to leave if they have signed out with a chaperone, giving them their destination and expected return time. If a student leaves the TCU Campus, Texas Ballet Theater and Texas Christian University are not liable for any accidents or misconduct on the part of the student.

Are there extra activities? How much do they cost?

Yes, there are planned activities for all resident students. An activity fee is paid on arrival and will include most activities. If an activity is not included in the general fee, students will have the option of paying an additional fee for that particular activity. Activity fees are approximately $100 for 3 week students and $150 for 5 week students.